PMS (Portfolio and Risk Management System) is a modular software system that can be tailored to the requirements of each customer. This allows our customers to compose their own software system from single PMS modules and functions, tailored to their market activities and internal requirements.

All single functions are connected to one another and form an integrated system that does not require a  protracted and costly customising process. PMS realises complex mathematical models in finance and offers easy-to-use and attractive functions that meet modern standards; all of this makes PMS a fully fledged and  flexible system for the professional user. Once in use, PMS will become a central controlling and future-securing system within your organisation.

PMS distinguishes itself by its ability to model and evaluate a broad spectrum and a continually increasing number of financial instruments and key measures.

A variety of unidirectional and bidirectional interfaces with data providers and complementary software systems as well as  outsourcing functions including a web interface round off the scopes of application of PMS.

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