Report Management

At much-net AG, report management encompasses both the internal and external reporting for customers, supervisory authorities or investors for instance. We offer reporting as an outsourcing service and as a part of the PMS software. In both cases, it is possible to provide standardised and tailored reporting based on the respective results of diverse PMS analyses and on a powerful data management in PMS.

PMS allows for a customer tailored reporting or also for a portfolio or user customised reporting if desired, which is due to the use of flexible report generators based on the integrated relational PMS data model. An OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) reporting is available as well.

Reports are generated either manually via the graphical user interface or via automated batch runs provided that appropriate rights have been assigned, and may be distributed through directories, FTP, web, emails or printers for example. The most common form of ad-hoc reporting is an export to Microsoft Excel.

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